Manal Farouk

 Manal is a Pakistani-Canadian artist. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and two post graduate degrees; M.Sc. in Social Sciences from Pakistan and M.A. in Museum and Gallery Practice from University College London. She moved to Canada in 2016 with her family. In Canada, Manal completed a one year intensive Advanced Studio Practice from Dundas Valley School of Art and a Diploma in Interior Decorating from Sheridan College. 

During the pandemic lockdowns she began her silk painting business under the banner “Funpara”. Manal is a visual artist and an art educator, her initial work focused on landscapes inspired by the places where she lived (Pakistan, US, Middle East and Canada) and extensive travels around the world along with still life inspired by everyday objects. Her more recent work is inspired by personal experiences, memories, and comments on current socio-political situations such as the Syrian refugee’s diaspora and art work based on Urdu poetry from her native Pakistan.

 I believe that art has the power to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers and create a shared understanding among people. 

Manal Farouk

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