Call For Entry

Waterloo Region Artists who are interested in selling through our new Gallery Space can send

  • Bio and CV – with Web Site and Social Media Links if you have them
  • Examples of your work – Images labels should include your name
  • Proposal for what you would like to sell with the price ranges

Upload it all to a dropbox or google doc labeled: Gallery Submission – Your Name and share it with

The resurrection of the Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival will take place this year in Sept.

Weft Fest: Woolwich Expressions in Fibre Traditions

If you are a fibre artist interested in teaching this Fall, please email us and include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Location
  • Name and Type and Description of workshop
  • a little bit about you, Website, Social Media links etc.
  • what you would charge
  • Do you have or need a place to teach?

Email this with an image as an example of your work to