Consignment Gallery

Our gallery attracts thousands of individuals through its doors each month. Located in the heart of St. Jacobs Village, a major tourist attraction, our visitors come from all over the world. Our regular programming attracts locals while our consistent calendar of events brings in a broader range throughout the month.

Artists of all mediums will be considered for the gallery, including those with gift shop items on offer.

Three Sisters Cultural Centre operates on a consignment fee of 45% if a sale is made; artists walk away with 55%. Full details will be in the contract provided once an application is successful.


To apply, please upload the following to a Google Drive Folder titled: Gallery Submission – Your Name and share it with

Please include the following in the folder:

  • Bio and CV – with Web Site and Social Media Links if you have them
  • Examples of your work – Images labels should include your name
  • Proposal for what you would like to sell with the price ranges

Uploading to Google Drive

  1. Start by making sure your image files are all labeled with at least your name but preferably like: Your name-name of piece – medium – size – price.jpeg. Create a word document that tells me a little about you – Bio, CV, Web and Social Media links etc. 
  2. Go to you will get a sign-in option. Use your Gmail as your username and your Gmail password to sign in. 
  3. Look for a small square made up of 9 dots. When you click on it you will see many options, choose – DRIVE.
  4. You will see a button with a coloured cross and the word NEW on it. Click that. 
  5. Choose NEW FOLDER (first option)
  6. You will be asked to name the folder. Name it Gallery Submission – YOUR NAME and click – CREATE
  7. Now you have the folder in your list, click on it twice to open it. 
  8. You will see a button with a coloured cross and the word NEW on it. Click that. Choose – FILE UPLOAD
  9. Choose your image files and word doc you created for your submission and click – UPLOAD 
  10. On the right side, there are details of this new folder. Click – MANAGE ACCESS
  11. Type in and click – SEND