Studio Space for Rent

Those who rent Studio Space in The Centre become In-House Artists. The Centre will be open to visitors and the general public during regular retail hours providing In-House Artists the opportunity to interact directly with an international client base. 

Studio Space Rent includes:

  • 100 sf autonomous space in a climate controlled building
  • Utilities, Fees, Maintenance & Security
  • Utility Sink & Large Window
  • 24 hour access
  • Accessible Washrooms
  • Wifi

In-House Artists are given privilege of space that includes:

  • discounts to rent event, recording and workshop space
  • use of artist lounge
  • dedicated space on our website
  • reduced commission % in gallery
  • support for programming and events like ticket sales and marketing

$600 + HST / month for an annual lease

No open flame, toxic chemicals nor kilns can be considered.

To apply upload a Bio, Artist Statement and 4 images of your work to a google drive and share the link with or call Jax Rula at 519 884-2811